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Wardrobe Analysis

Do you want to wear something from your wardrobe but you don't know how to match your clothes?

Do you want to reorganize your wardrobe and buy new clothes but you don't want to get rid of some pieces you are very fond of?

Simona will help you to go through your wardrobe and find the right sets according to your personality and your figure. Many people usually wear only a small part of the garments, the shoes and the accessories they have got. Your personal shopper will help you to choose the piece of clothes which best matches with the color of your skin, your eyes and your hair. She will also help you to turn into trendy outfits some of your old ones thanks to some tailoring alterations.

Analisi guardaroba - Personal Shopper

Simona will teach you to organize your set of clothes following a logical method emphasizing the importance of the right accessory to wear with.

If we use a certain handbag that well matches with "those" shoes, or a certain tie that goes well with "that" belt, then we can gain an unexpected image of ourselves.

Features of the service

Costs varies according to the length of time.

The Wardrobe analysis service can be put in a combined session together with the Personal shopper service. This way Simona can give you her best consultancy, helping you to refresh your wardrobe with new outfits that will properly match with the ones you've already got. Some extra costs could be added for transport.

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FAQ about Wardrobe Analysis service

What does analyzing the wardrobe mean?

Analyzing the wardrobe means to select the outfits in your wardrobe, match them together and choose the right accessories that better suit them.

What do you mean by renewing a wardrobe?

It means putting in your wardrobe some new outfits that can well go with the ones that are already there. It's like refreshing it.

How do you organize a wardrobe?

Many wardrobes I analyze don't follow any criteria of order. Organizing clothes and accessories following a logical method, according to different occasions (working, free time or special evenings) and seasons, is very useful and allows us to make the most of what we have in our wardrobes and drawers.

How long does it take to organize a wardrobe?

It depends on the the kind of wardrobe. If I only have to change garments and accessories according to the new season, some hours will be enough. For the reorganization of the whole wardrobe it could take me an entire day.

What about the accessories?

I adore accessories, especially handbags and shoes. I consider them essential to define a style, very important for women's look. A man can express his strong personality with a remarkable watch or a smart tie: it's the detail that makes the difference.



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