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Personal Shopper - Shopping on demand service

Many men would like to be able to strike their beloved with a special present.
Many women are looking for a very unique fashion item but they cannot find it.

Often, in both situations they don't have time enough to devote to their searching, or they don't like wondering around shopping, or again, they simply need some advise. That's why they ask Simona for some help.

With the Shopping on Demand service, the client leaves to Simona, the Personal Shopper, the task to look for an "impossible to find" vintage article, a very special present or just a purchase on order.

The time needed for this type of service can't be exactly quantified. It depends on the client's specific request and on the difficulty to find the right item. It can take from just a few hours up to some days. Sometimes the requested piece cannot be found in Italy and it has to be searched abroad.

Features of the service

Simona will try her best to solve your problems with the use of internet and the collaboration of experts for the specific needed area. Only when she finds the article she will be able to quantify the exact price of the article, unless the client already knows that. The fee for her Shopping on Demand service will be added to the cost of the item and it will depend on how long her searching has lasted.

After the client's approval and after having received the total amount of money (cost of the article + fee for the personal shopper service + forwarding charges) Simona will personally take care of the consignment, sending it everywhere around the world according to her client's request.

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FAQ about Shopping on Demand service

Who needs a shopping on demand service?

They are usually clients who don't have time to look for a present or don't know what to choose. There are also some clients that know exactly what they want but don't know where to find it. I'm the link between the client and what he needs.

How much would this service cost me?

It depends on the kind of article I have to find and on the length of time my research takes. There are items easy to find in a shop or boutique which usually cooperate with me and that saves me a lot of time. Nevertheless, some other times I have to make a thorough, detailed research surfing the net, often through foreign websites, which takes me more time.

What are the advantages of this service?

You simply take advantage of the knowledge and the skill of a professional Personal Shopper. Nowadays we mostly find what we are looking for through internet so, if you give the responsibility of the searching to a skilled professional in the sector, you will avoid bad surprises such as fake items.

What do your clients usually want you to buy?

All sorts of different things: a handbag by Chanel, a bottle of vintage Barolo, a fountain pen Mont Blanc and a tennis by Damiani.

What are the criteria through which you choose a present?

It's always a delicate process. I normally try to get as much information as I can, about the person the present is addressed to: profession, hobbies, interests and habits. That will enable me to make the right choice.

How do you deliver the item you have bought?

I usually send the item directly to the client's address by a registered and insured delivery. I very seldom hand the present over personally and this service can only be done upon agreement.

How long does it usually take the parcel to reach destination?

Once I have found the article, it all depends on the country where it comes from. If I buy a present somewhere in Italy it will take from 24 to 48 hours to reach the client's destination, but if the item has to come from a place outside Italy, then more working days will be needed.



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