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Personal Shopper in Milan and Verona

The today's image we give of ourselves wearing a dress or an accessory, reflects our personality, our way to be and our charisma. Nevertheless, it's not always easy to match colors together, choose the suitable handbag or the right outfit for each occasion. Through the Personal Shopping service you have the professional figure who is able to listen to you and find out the style which suits you best.
Following your needs, Simona will take you to the best luxury boutiques to select and choose the most suitable outfits, accessories and jewelry.
A haute couture dress or a pair of made-to-order shoes made of "that" special kind of leather are just some of the many services your Personal Shopper will be able to offer you.

Personal Shopper Milano

Personal Shopper sessions

If you want to refresh your wardrobe with new designer clothes or add to your bag collection another unique piece, then we can organize some single, multiple or combined shopping sessions, each one specific for each necessity.

This way Simona can plan and organize better the client's request, selecting the suitable boutiques and keeping to the schedule.

Features of the service

Prices vary depending on the duration. They are calculated at hourly rate.

One can choose either a single, a multiple or a combined session.

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FAQ about Personal Shopper service

Who's the Personal Shopper?

The Personal Shopper is a professional figure who, thanks to her skill and experience in the world of fashion, her knowledge of the trends and the cities, will take you around the most exclusive boutiques to advise you on your best possible shopping.

Who's the Style Consultant?

The Style Consultant can help you to discover and build your own style giving you a specific consultancy according to your body features, trying to take out the main aspects of your personality.

Why shall I look for a Personal Shopper?

Because she is a professional who knows exactly where to go and what to look for, so that she can make you save your precious time.

How many clients can you take with you as a personal shopper?

As reaching a high level of service is my aim, I prefer to concentrate all my attention on just one person, maximum two people together. Often they are two ladies who just want to spend an unusual day in each other company.

Are your clients mostly women?

Even if the personal shopper figure was born mostly for women, the number of men who asks for this kind of service has been growing for a while.

Where do you usually take your clients?

It depends on the client. I can take him to an exclusive boutique, a haute couture atelier, a vintage shop or a famous jeweler's. I offer a service with driver if it's necessary.

Where do your clients usually ask you to take them for their shopping in Milan?

The fashion quadrilateral around the center of Milan is certainly the place where all my clients want to go. It's in that area where they can visit the most luxury and trendy atelier, boutiques, jeweler's and show rooms. Via Montenepoleone and Via della Spiga are among the most famous and attractive shopping streets of the world. Other places where I'm also used to go with my clients are the magnificent Via Manzoni and also the historical Corso Venezia.

What about Verona?

Every time a get to Verona in Piazza Bra, in the middle of the historical centre, I get always stricken by the beauty and the charm that "Arena di Verona" radiates. And my fashion shopping itinerary starts from that breathtaking piazza, all along the crowded Via Mazzini and all around the other little alleys near there.

What do your Italian clients usually look for?

Italian people fashion and design consciousness is renowned, so what they usually look for are hand made articles like haute couture clothes, made-to-order shoes, personalized bags. Fabric, leather and colours are chosen by the clients.

What about your foreign clients?

Most of them are enchanted by the elegance and charm of Italian fashion designers so, what they want are very exclusive "Made in Italy" items.

How much does your personal shopper service cost?


How do you plan your shopping day?

If my client wants a measure-to measure piece of clothes then I will take him to one or more tailor's ateliers. If my client wants to buy new outfits for his job, for his spare time or for a special evening, then I prefer to concentrate my attention on one single article at a time in order to obtain the best result.

What is an absolute "must" for a personal shopper?

A very professional personal shopper must perfectly know the towns where she works: best boutiques, best ateliers, very chic shops. And also best restaurants, historical cafés and trendy bars.

How can you be contacted?

I get often reached through a simple telephone call or an email. Other times my clients pass my name on to new people because they have appreciated my way to work and felt satisfied of what they have achieved.

What is the "client questionnaire"?

When I meet a new client for the first time I ask him to fill in a questionnaire that allows me to get very useful information on his personality, on his physical features and on his favorite style. When it's possible I send the questionnaire by email so that the client can fill it in and send it back to me before we meet. This will help to direct my consultancy.


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