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Personal Shopper Luxury follows modern and innovative criteria to express its luxury philosophy in order to offer a service at the level of its client's expectations.

The services are carried out with maximum attention and skill to satisfy the client and also to advise and lead him towards the right choice.

The leitmotif of the service is always the expression of style, whether it's an accessory, a new outfit or a present for a special person.

Personal Shopper in Milan


The Personal Shopper Luxury services are the following:


All services are fully personalized according to the client's needs. Simona prefers to offer her availability to just one client at a time, so that she can concentrate all her attention on a single person for the best result. However, only for the personal shopper service, she can also be available for two clients together, at the most.

The minimum length of each service (session) is 2 hours, at hourly rate, according to the client's needs. The client can ask for a single, a multiple or a combined session.

The single session focuses the attention on the service chosen by the client (personal shopper, wardrobe analysis or packing the suitcase).

The multiple sessions are two or more single sessions which the client buys all in one packet. These sessions can be used within a year and the client can choose one or more services, at will.

The combined session is specific for the person who doesn't have much time and wants to concentrate, all in one day, two chosen services among the personal shopper, the wardrobe analysis or the packing.

Simona speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish with her foreign clients and she can also count on a mother tongue interpreter if requested with an extra cost.

In case of need, with an extra cost, a private driver will pick up the client at the place where he stays (hotel or house) and he will take him directly to the chosen town where we can go through boutiques and shops without worrying about our movements.

Personal Shopping Milan

The client who needs the driver service will have to let me know at least a day ahead so that I can organize all the logistic.

FAQ about services

What kind of services do you offer to your clients?

I focus my activity on services which are linked with the world of luxury and fashion, giving all my attention to the smallest detail and trying to offer a superior quality services to my clients.

Why this choice?

Today there is a wide range of services that a personal shopper can do. There are personal shoppers whose range of services goes from the wardrobe analysis to the wedding planner and interior design consultancy. My philosophy is different. I think we can't give our best in all areas.

What are the cities where you work?

I mostly work in the wonderful town of Milan and Verona, even if there are some clients that contact me from the lake Garda, very well-known holiday place for V.I.P people from all over the world. In this case I decide whether to take them to the town of the famous "Duomo" or to the town of "Giulietta and Romeo".

How much would your consultancy cost me?


How can I pay?

The client can pay as he likes: cash, PayPal, by credit card or credit transfer.

What are the criteria through which the consultancy session can be chosen?

It all depends on the time the client can give to the service. I can concentrate my best service performance in an entire day session while my client will optimize his precious time. However, if my client wishes a more articulated consultancy according to his time and needs, then more sessions are required. That's why I also offer multiple sessions.

What are the "multiple sessions"?

The multiple sessions are packets of two or more sessions lasting half a day or all day. They can include different services and the client has a year time to use them. For instance, a very busy client could buy a two session packet: during the first one we could use our time for the shopping and during the second session we could renew his wardrobe. In case, for example, a lady wants to refresh her wardrobe with new outfits on every new season, then she could buy a packet of 3 or 4 sessions which she will be able to use at any time. This method gives plenty of freedom to our client.

What kind of services do you offer during your consultancy sessions?

My consultancy includes a personal shopper service, a wardrobe analysis and a packing the suitcase service. For the shopping "on demand" I'm the only one involved and the presence of the client is not required.

What is your kind of client?

My clients are of various types: several times they are Italian but most of them are foreigners. They come from all over the world (Brazil, India, U.S.A. and Japan) but mostly from Russia, China and The Emirates.

Do you keep in touch with your clients?

Thanks to the email and the Skype links, I can keep in touch with my clients when they might need some quick advise about an outfit they want to chose or when they come back to Italy and want to meet me again for my consultancy. Keeping in touch is a priority so that my client can always count on my professional skill.

Personal Shopping Milan


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