Packing the suitcase

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Are you leaving for a fantastic trip to Tanzania but you haven't got the faintest idea of what to put into your suitcase?

Are you planning to spend a relaxing week end on the beautiful snowy mountains of Cortina d'Ampezzo but you don't know what kind of clothes to take with you?

Thanks to her high professional skill Simona will help you to choose the right outfits for any kind of trip, whether it is for work or for pleasure. She will also tell you what to buy if she sees that something is missing in your luggage.

packing the suitcase

Features of the service

The cost of this service ranges according to the time.

The client can ask to put the Packing service in a combined session, together with a Personal shopping or Wardrobe analysis session. Some extra transport costs could be added.

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FAQ about Packing the Suitcase Service

What's the kind of client who needs your help to pack his luggage?

Most of the time they are people that are leaving for a long distance trip where they have never been before and need some advise on what to wear and how to match their clothes once they are there. One single suitcase sometimes isn't enough.

How long does it take you to do the packing?

Half a day for short lasting trips and up to an entire day for long trips or for a particular demanding client. With a multiple session we can do the shopping on the first day and the packing on the second one. I can also try to focus my attention on both services all in one day with a combined session: shopping in the morning and packing the suitcase in the afternoon.

Why does it take so long to pack?

Because we need to choose the right outfits and accessories and also try them on to see how they look and change them too, eventually, if necessary.

What is the real "must" that we can't possibly do without?

It depends, it could be a stiletto or a silky scarf for her and a moccasin or a white shirt for him. Certainly a good book for both.



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